Best practices and advice for launching new products from the LaunchScience team
We've spoken to hundreds of product management and marketing organizations about how they manage the commercialization and launch process and are documenting some of the best practices and pitfalls here.
Launching LaunchScience
Ari Paparo
August 23, 2023
Today we’re making LaunchScience generally available after almost a year of beta testing. This is pretty “meta” considering the product is a solution to the problem of launching new products.

The idea for LaunchScience came from 20+ years of product management at companies like Google, plus the amazing experience of building and selling my own company. Even at the best run companies, there can be a struggle to properly “land” the innovations coming out of the product and engineering teams and make them as commercially impactful as they could be. The launch process in most companies is ad hoc, undocumented, and without clear tooling. We can change that.

If you picture Steve Jobs up on stage introducing the iPhone, I think you will agree that it was one of the best product launch of all time. The amount of work and coordination that goes into a world-class launch like the iPhone is hard to overstate. Geniuses need to be trained. Partners need to be managed. Regulators and lawyers need to be consulted. Salespeople must be briefed and armed with the right materials. It’s a lot!

We all can’t be Steve Jobs and we all can’t be building world-changing products every day (every once in a while!). But imagine if we can take the attention to detail and thoroughness, and bring it to our product launch processes, with tools and AI to help. That’s our north star. 

Our solution has really three components:

Product Hubs that let you publish updates to your users or your team about every change that is made to your products. You can see the hub we publish ourselves at

Project Management built specifically for the cross-functional requirements of the launch process. We’ve incorporated key launch concepts like stages (“alpha”, “beta”, etc), reviews and approvals, and Jira integration.

Promptless AI that can help you create comms docs in a snap. You can move from dense prose in Jira or ProductBoard straight to marketing friendly blog posts in seconds. Watch me demo this!

A key part of any product launch is getting great feedback. Well we want to hear from you. You can sign-up for a demo session with me, or just email me at

Get launching!

Ari Paparo